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Guidance Staff

  • Ms. Kaitlyn Figurelli, School Counselor for River Valley Middle and High School Last names A-Ki
  • Ms. Ally Riley, School Counselor for River Valley Middle and High School Last names Kj-Z
This holds our offices, about the counselors, links to resources, and links to coping skill resources. 
Sometimes we feel more comfortable writing something down instead of talking about it. This is a safe place for you to disclose any concerns, mental health, or any other events that you feel that Ms. Figurelli or Ms. Riley should be aware of. You are welcome to disclose whatever you feel comfortable sharing, this is all confidential information except for:
1. You plan to harm yourself.
2. You plan to harm someone else. 
3. Someone is being harmed or someone is harming you.
4. You give us permission to share and/or help you have a hard conversation. 
If you are wanting to request to see Ms. Figurelli or Ms. Riley you can fill out this google form and select why you want to have a meeting. We will set up a meeting as soon as we can! You can always reach us through our emails as well.
Ms. Figurelli: [email protected]org
Ms. Riley: [email protected]
If you have a concern about a student's safety and well-being please call our office right away. If you have other concerns you would like us to be made aware of please input them in this google form.